2. Replica – original or fake shirt?

In the following article I want to explain the meaning of “replica” once and for all. I also would like to start treating a pathology that is deeply embedded inside people’s minds. Why do I want to care about this? Because this pathology is encouraged by tricksters. A situation in which people don’t see a difference between words “replica” and “fake shirt” is helpful for fraudsters who call their fakes “cheap replicas”. Not being aware of what ‘replica’ means is an advantage for those tricksters. Obviously I don’t have to mention the fact that trading fakes is illegal and banned, right?

Therefore when you own or decide to buy a replica shirt are you dealing with an original or counterfeit product? The answer is short, unequivocal and isn’t subject to any discussion – replica is an original product. Replicas aren’t associated in any way with illegal and counterfeit shirts which are marked with trademarks of well-known football shirts manufacturers.

On auction portals there are hordes of fraudsters who are waiting for people who don’t know meaning of the word “replica”. Why are cheaters doing that? Because they can exploit such people to make easy money. They are selling counterfeit shirts describing them as replicas. That’s a pile of garbage! They are selling fake, illegal shirts which have no right to be called replicas or even football shirts.

I very often encounter situations when T-shirts, polo shirts, retro projects and any other shirts are called replicas. Well… it is bad way of thinking. Replica term is associated with only one type of football shirts. Replicas are original and official shirts which are produced to reflect player issue shirts in which players are playing on the pitch and that’s it. You can find the basic division of football shirt types in previous article – “Types of football shirts”. (click)

Replica scams – you are aware? Make others aware!

Awareness… or to be more preciously, lack of thereof is the basis on which the scammers operate. I’m here to help you acquire this awareness so you won’t be tricked again. Remember that replica means official and original product and never associate replica with counterfeit goods again.

I have a big request of you – after reading this article you’ll know the meaning of the word ‘replica’ so please teach others. Help me to cure the pathology when people hear “replica” and think “fake” –  they associate replica with worse than usual product. Please, stop spreading wrong and false meaning of replica because this situation generates profit only for tricksters who exploit people to sell them junk.

Are you interested why I decided to make an individual article about the meaning of replica? It is an essential term for the next articles in which you will get knowledge for instance about differences between a replica and a fake shirt. But if you want to understand it with full awareness you should know that replica is an original product and isn’t associated in any way with counterfeit shirt. Additionally I use word ‘replica’ on my website very often so it’s good to know that it is official product.

Being a fully aware reader you will see, thanks to my articles, that fake shirts that seemingly look identical to the original shirts really have no association with official products. To say even more… between original and fake shirts it is really hard to find even one similarity! Unbelievable, right? Undoubtedly in your eyes shirts from pictures below look identical but I have written that I have a problem to find even one similarity? I encourage you to read others articles in section “Shirts knowledge” because this is one of the few places in the world when you can find huge dose of football shirts knowledge 😉

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